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…“with other equal - the easiest solution happens to be the most idiotic one…”
(Darwin's razor)   

Search and creation of a new materials
   “Garant” - is a company, which was founded in 1994 to provide material supply of the military industrial complex of enterprises, scientific research institutes related to different branches of industry. This was due to disappearance of a number of ministries (for example, instrument-making), which influenced painfully the enterprises of military industrial complex. Our work mainly features different material supply, coordinating modifications in The State Standard and Technical Terms, invention of new materials.

   Mainly these are materials of electro- and thermo- insulation groups; materials hard or impossible to obtain from producer; rubber technical materials, high-frequency materials, casting materials … and whatever your fantasy would wish!

   “Garant” is structurally built to a principle of an army regular unit, with highly qualified specialists on the staff, to include technologists, developers of new types of materials. We keep the contacts and follow the latest information on newest elaborations and technologies of material production.

   The main requirement for our staff to meet is a change of style and thinking principles (quantum methods), use of informal analytic methods, ability to find non-local links between variables. This allows fulfilling your any order, while dividing the task into elements guarantees commercial secrecy.

Our company provides consulting on the following topics:
1. Materials technical descriptions.
2. Materials application.
3. Materials properties.
4. Potential producers.
5. Testing material specimens.

Delivering of materials with special characteristics
   Should the material you seek be out of production or modified in technical terms, we will find it and furnish you with it!

   You indicate the city, region, country and we deliver it to the destination! Delivery of any materials is available within 24 or 48 hours!