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…“God - is no benefit…”
St. Thomas's Gospel   

   Now a few words on our understanding of present-day business problems and their reasons. Essentially, the main problem is that a modern businessman is a person who cares about inconsequential exterior: one about things, another about money. We forgot ourselves, got lost in this world. And the basis of the problem is that a businessman is practical, while God, poetry, love and religion are lacking sense in material worldly plan. These categories are not for sale and purchase. This possibility is no more than illusion. Do not become a businessman who has placed a hundred of watches around the house and answers to perplexed questions “Why?” - “Time is money!”

1. God's invitation is always valid.
2. Should we unfortunately make business, let us keep aside from it, let us not agreed to everything for the sake of money or benefit, let us not evade His invitation.
3. Let us always remember our waning and try to approach the believers.
However, hardly ever…

   “Garant” offers cooperation to the interested firms. Our company tries to equate our goals with yours. We consider ourselves living in a time of fast, sometimes indiscernible changes. Consequently, solely those companies who understand, where these changes could lead, could use them for self-benefit. We realize that the times of economic boom of 1960-1970 have passed by, and the expectations were not justified even for Japan, Germany and, it looks like, for USA. This is to say:
1. Unfavorable capital investment (extremely ineffective system of capital investment distribution inside the companies).
2. Underestimation of factors and benefits of cooperation with Russia.
3. Very little percent of cooperation with private and middle business in Russia.

   We are interested in cooperation with enterprises and private persons in Russia and abroad in the field of newest technologies, basing on a meeting point of informational changes, economy and biotechnology.

   Using the existing technologies in a new way:
1. We are ready for cooperation with domestic and foreign companies towards promoting their products and technologies on the Russian market with a much greater effect than it is done by big so called trade representations, state structures and so on.
2. We are ready to represent your interests, analyze supply and demand.
3. Provide partners for mutually beneficial deals, which would increase the effectiveness of agreement and contract making.
4. We are interested in cooperation with smaller and family enterprises from Europe and Asia and promoting their products and technologies on the Russian market.
5. We accept subcontracting operations, taking in account difference in work costs in various countries.

   We are always ready for cooperation and supply of the following:
1. All types of electro- and thermo- insulation as well as other materials with special properties.
2. Execution of materials: tropical, polar, with protection against fungus, mist, hard types of radioactive and electromagnetic radiation.
3. We will develop and produce materials with requested properties.
4. We will furnish the order of different materials and articles, which are produced and developed in Russia.

  • Electro insulating tubes of flexible polyvinyl chloride:
  • Frost-resistant: 305 TV-50, 305 TV-60
  • Tropic-resistant: 305 TV-40T
  • Thermo-resistant: 305 TV-40A
  • Hose oil- and gasoline-resistant
  • Medical tubes
  • Electro insulating tubes of silicon organic rubber.
  • Electro insulating tubes of silicon organic mixtures (cord-sleeve of glass fiber with rubber cover).
  • Fluorine polymer thermo-shrinkable tubes for immersible equipment, working in contact with oil, and for radio-electronic devices.
  • Electro insulating tapes, glass fabric.
  • Rubberized fabric.
  • Varnish, enamel, compounds.
  • Varnish and paint for ship works.
  • Mica materials for repairs of energy equipment.
  • Radio electronic materials.
Electro insulating tubes.
   “Garant” offers the most complete in Russia assortment of electro-insulating tubes for all the industrial branches, as well as for the defense branches and companies, which export equipment.

   The tubes are executed: for tropical, seaside, polar climates and etc. They have protection from fungus, mist, radioactive and hard radiation. All tubes are subject to The State Standard, military acceptance available. Tubes can be executed in accordance with individual parameters. We will meet all your wishes with regard to tubes properties. Should the tubes with required properties be absent - we will produce them for you, according to your conditions, or will find a replacement!

   We are your last hope! 24-48 hours delivery is available!